Sukhothai province is the first territory of Thailand since 700 years ago. The word “Sukhothai” came from 2 words; “Suk+Uthai” meaning “Dawn of Happiness”. The past glory can be seen from Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park which are well known among Thais and foreigners.

The cause of this trip is I want my daughter to be more lady. It is because I’m not such a sweet and courteous person enough to be example for her. I read a review about Legendha Sukhothai Resort and found out it contains extreme Thai culture including atmosphere and various traditional activities. It is also not far from Sukhothai Historical Park.

I choose to get on a bus a bit late at night since I want to arrive at Sukhothai Historical Park in the next morning. We go by Phitsanulok Bus with a fare of THB301 per person. There are less passengers during weekdays so both of us have lots of space.

At 5.45AM, my girl isn’t quite ready. Keep asking to eat congee.

I don’t allow her to eat otherwise she’ll be petulant later. I persuade her to watch surrounding thins, just to distract her.

We travel by bicycles because it’s less hot in the morning. The rental fee is THB30 per person, from 6.00AM to 6.00PM. Unfortunately they don’t allow to rent the whole day otherwise I’ll be cycling to hotel. Such a cool idea.

The first check point is Wat Saphan Hin. Cycling for only 3 kilometers.

Wat Saphan Hin is located outside the west of City Wall. However, it’s within Aranwasi district or Wat Pha. The temple is located up the hill approximately 200 meters. The 300-meter-path is covered with slates. The main sanctity of the temple is the standing Buddha image, about 12.5 meters high, called

Phra Attharot.

I remember that while we were on the bus, my girl said “We can move on to Khao Luang Sukhothai!”

But now she’s tired from climbing up. She asks me to cancel our plan to Khao Luang!! She tricks me.

Cycle back the same way and make a turn towards Wat Si Chum, our second check point.

Entrance fee is only THB20 each. I ask my daughter to spend time here for hours since I want to take photos and video of Phra Achana Buddha image for all readers.

The former glory of Sukhothai World Heritage Site appears through historic site. Lots of Buddhist craft still remains. One of well-known temples is “Wat Si Chum” which is considered as significant highlight of Sukhothai World Heritage Site.

“Phra Achana” is not a normal Buddha image. It is formerly the magical Buddha image because it is called “Talking Buddha”.

Due to the mightiness of Phra Achana, my daughter is afraid to go inside. She waits for me quite long.

To get this photo, I have to lie down on ground making me a bit dirty. I see my girl laughing at me.

Let’s take a check-in photo. Manow Journey has brought her daughter to worship Phra Achana.

One lens suits for everywhere in Thailand. I want to dig a hole so that my daughter can go down and capture the whole landscape.

Bringing her to temple allows her to at least absorb Thai identity.

As it’s quite late now, Chinese tour are coming. But they visit very fast.

Before leaving, my daughter says goodbye to adorable dog.

I try recording and editing video in order to present the charm of Phra Achana. Really want everyone to see.

While going back, we face with a crowd of livestock feeling a bit like safari. Urban girl, like my daughter, is excited with them.

Refill energy with Sukhothai noodle at the same shop as last year. I’m so glad that the merchant still remember me.

Then we go to buy bus ticket for return round on July 23, 12.20PM. The fare is THB361 for VIP bus.

After that, we return the bicycles and cross the street in order to get on mini-bus, THB 20, heading to Legendha Sukhothai Resort.

It is my daughter’s first time to experience this mini-bus. I super like when I bring her to see new things.

We arrive at Legendha Sukhothai Resort within 10 minutes.

There are bicycles for rental suitable for leisurely biking around old town. However, I’m not going anywhere today as Thai activities are waiting for us.

Traditional Thai cuisine is remarkable. There is cooking show in the evening, very excited.

Although we haven’t explored inside the resort, I want to wear Thai costume and photograph around already.

Let I take a photo before moving on.

The atmosphere is peaceful and lively with trees.

See through to swimming pool inside.

Let’s firstly check in. We feel sorry for having bad smell since we have been cycling around the city before.

The reception is beautifully decorated in Thai style.

Welcome drink is “guava juice” with Thai signature.

Tomorrow we gonna skin dive based on what we have learnt.

My daughter looks at me in order to tell me to walk faster.

It gives feelings like we are in old Thai village.

Now we are at our room. Once step in, I can experience sweet smell. Very pleasing.

Such a lovely welcome. Thank you so much for taking very good care of us.

Oops!! My daughter is working. (Both of us are bloggers. We are bragful. Every time we travel, we gotta tell you guys.)

Let me take photos too. Please move to bedroom.

The room is fully equipped with facilities plus yummy fruits and cool weather.

Oooooh, my daughter!!! She already fall asleep. Gotta give her around 2 hours to recharge energy.

Take a shower and get dress. Now we are ready to survey around Legendha Sukhothai Resort.

There are approximately 60 rooms. Keep walking. There are too many types to explain. Normally when we stay at Thai style resort, we slightly feel frighten like haunted. But here, the resort is properly decorated. Not scary at all. It is also shady with lots of trees.

Seeing the pool makes her cheerful but I don’t let her swim now. Gotta wait until tomorrow.

This area is a lounge for resting and reading. You can walk through to garden at the back. The wind blows nicely.

There is a chic bridge suitable for photographing or absorbing the nature.

I guess she finds something pleasing. She makes duck face.

During the way back, we find many nutmegs under the trees. I sniff it, nice smell. It is her first time to see nutmeg. She copies me and suddenly shouts it’s not scented. LOL

Legendha Sukhothai Resort also provides “Wedding Room” too.

It is for Thai ceremony. Makes me wanna get married.

And this is “Nham Khang Sukhothai Restaurant” where we will have breakfast and dinner together with watching authentic Thai cultural dance.

My daughter enjoys pounding already. Let’s better move on.

Walk another round to observe “Thai Massage”.

Attractive ambiance for massage.

Continue with swimming pool to grab some refreshments.

There are various relaxing spots around the pool.

Now it’s time to the front of Legendha Sukhothai Resort.

They look so pretty in traditional Thai costume that I want to wear too. So, I send my daughter to rent full set of it.

At "authentic Thai cuisine", the cook is pounding chili paste for dinner.

My girl is ready to show her pounding skill. The chili rebounds toward me feeling sting at my arm.

While female cook is making spicy curry with stove and another cook is cooking rice, my daughter has never seen it this close. She patiently waits for the first time tasting boiling milk-like water. She wants to eat spicy curry and rice right from stove. But hold on!! Let’s learn “how to make a Buddhism amulet” first.

The instructor is very nice. She gets to know history of Buddhism amulet in the ancient age of Sukhothai including making the amulet by her own imprinted her name behind it.

The amulet she made will be put in oven. She will get it back tomorrow.

Remarkable Thai dance show with Thai classic song makes us appetizing. Now we are full and ready to get some rest. Tomorrow morning we will do another activity provided by Legendha Sukhothai Resort “almsgiving”.

It is so hard to get my girl out of bed. Staff prepares food for almsgiving and stands beside her all the time. Just in case she needs any help.

It’s been so long since last time she did it and she’s still sleepy. So, she forgets to take off her shoes. I’m deeply sorry.

After almsgiving, we walk to the back of resort. Only crossing the road, we arrive at “Wat Chang Lom”.

"Wat Chang Lom” is another significant ancient remains. The temple contains bell-shaped chedi as principal object. The chedi is decorated with the rows of elephant sculptures. The brick ordination hall surrounded with laterite columns is at the front area.

In present, most of elephant sculptures have corroded by time. Though only few remain in elephant head, they still fully represent refinement of Sukhothai sculpture.

We absorb Thai architecture for hours till we get hungry. We therefore cross the street to grab breakfast.

The nice smell of Thai sweetmeat is flowing with wind. Freshly made from stove. My daughter can’t resist to try it and her mouth got scalded. Being a lady just like her mom.

I eat full set of Thai sweetmeat. So when it comes to breakfast, I’m dying to eat it all.

Now we are full. Here comes the freshness. Go back to our room and get ready for swimming.

Just receive the amulet she made by herself. We are so delightful to join such a nice activity. Not only it’s her first time, mine too.

Swimming pool!! Finally it’s time to play.

Model please pay attention. One more time.

The pool always creates happiness and amusement to family. So, we take a very beautiful snapshot under water in order to say goodbye to the precious accommodation, Legendha Sukhothai Resort. It is worthy for being the best resort of “Dawn of Happiness”, Sukhothai old town. We will definitely be back….

Manow Journey would like to present this video for your choice.

This trip hasn’t ended yet. Manow Journey will bring her daughter (Singhakom) to stay at Le Charme Sukhothai Resort.

Let’s travel together with us.

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