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Hi there, I believe that everyone has their dream destination me as well. This review is about one of my dream destination located in Payao Province.

The place called "Phu Langka Resort", Pong District, Payao Province. I heard about this place from the website and it was attracted me when I read the review of Forzanu (Famous Thai Blogger). I could not believe there is a place like this in Thailand.

Direction to Phu Langka Resort

From Bangkok takes a road No.1 (Phahonyothin) heading to Nakhon Sawan, Kamphaengphet, Tak, Lampang and continue to Payao. I suggest this road because it is the most convenient way.

From Payao, turn right to road No. 1021 (Payao - Terng) to Chiang Kam District, then continue to road No. 1176 about 6.5 km. then turn left to road No. 1179 (Fai Kwang - Ban Don Ngern) then turn right to road No. 1148 passing Sib Song Pattana Village and Chao Khao Cultural Museum, heading to Phu Langka National Park.

It is such a long way to go but there is a beautiful view of Phu Langka National Park on both side of the road that you can enjoy and forget about the time (sadly I do not have any photo of it). There is also camping area with beautiful view for someone who would to camp outside. For us, we intend to stay in Phu Langka Resort.

Direction to the resort, you can just follow the sign to the resort from the national park, the resort will be on your left.

This small coffee shop is the Lobby of the resort.

Price details are as below:

- Tent for rental is 300 - 500 THB and if you have your own is 120 per person

- Rooms is 700 - 3,000 THB

We bring our own tent so just 120 baht per person which is very valuable with these views. ^_^

The sun goes down, the weather is getting colder and we feel so sleepy already so let go to bed early because we also have to wake up early tomorrow.

Foggy cover all over the village below in the morning

Even when it is getting brighter but the view is still so beautiful. You are not going to be disappointed when you come here.

We adjust some light in the pictures because some of them are taken when it is still dark so we need to add some light and adjust some color to make it clearer.

Photographer corner in front of the resort where is special for photographer with no obstacle view.

The best corner for everyone

I do not know when they will open this house for service as you can see it has such a beautiful view in front of the house.

The signature of Phu Langka Resort is Pha Chang Noi which is a small cave look like small elephant and surrounded by fog. It is so amazing, this is something that cannot be created by human.

From the top view, we can see that there is a small village below surrounded by fog.

After enjoy the beautiful view, we come back to the resort for breakfast.

120baht including valuable!!!

Herbs corner, you can make herbal drink for yourself there is hot water provided.

During breakfast, Uncle Kaewen who is the owner of the resort comes to talk about the history of "Gear Sen Pong". It is a passport of people in the past which Chinese King give to his people when they migrate and people will record they journey in here.

Everyone is so intend to listen to him.

This is the last "Geer Sen Pong" that left from the war and it is normally very long. Moreover, he also talks about he history of how they migrated from China to Thailand and during Communist War. There is a lot of details and very interesting. Sorry that cannot remember all the detail but I think it is going to more interesting if you come to listen from him directly. ^^

Let's take photo with Uncle Kaewen and "Geer Sen Pong"

An awesome view from breakfast area

Mostly, all photos that I have seen come from this corner. Today is quite cloudy but we are still lucky that there are some lights coming out from the cloud for a while. So we run our shutter without thinking anything.

UFO light ...hahahaha it does look a like do not you think so???

Come back to normal mode>>>

When it is brighter and fog is gone but view is still very beautiful.

Let find out about rooms in the resort....This is Bunger Room 700 baht for 2 people.

This is the biggest house in the resort 3 rooms with 3 bathrooms, price is 3,000 baht a night for 8 people with good view and no obstacles.

This colorful house is Ban Chom Dao, 1,500baht a night for 4 people.

For the white one is Ban Phu Chom Fah, 1,500baht a night for 2-3 people with TV and water heater.

And these two rooms have roof deck as well.

We do not need a lot of money for the luxury hotel, just small amount we can get this good view resort. So do not waste your time pack your bag and start your journey.

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 Monday, September 7, 2015 10:52 AM