Perhaps because of the feeling when I stand on this land, it's like the time is slowly passing by...

Various elements around me is moving on the basis of happiness....

And perhaps this is why this place is called "Nan, a slow-motion destination".

Another space of nature traveling journey in my style, Muang Mahakarn LIFE FOR TRAVEL

The Mural Art of "Krasib Rak Bunleloak"

Just by looking, I already feel its magic. Now it has became the symbol of Nan.
Perhaps, it is like this land where it is full of the charm of mountains, way of life, and culture.

I revisit Nan city again and this is my forth time this year.

Even another ten or twenty times, I still strongly want to come back.

“Wat Phumin" and the Pu Man Ya Man or Krasib Rak Bunleloak mural art is the beginning of my journey recording this time.

The beauty, the faith,and the belief of people can be felt since our first step into the temple.

“Wat Phrathat Chang Kham", is another beautiful temple. Just a step across the road from Wat Phumin and we will find this beauty.

Most of the temples in Nan are not located far from one another, we can explore with a bicycle or simply by taking a slow walk.....

I think it's quite enjoyable.....

Plumeria Tunnel in front of Nan National Museum is another nearby tourist destination.

The smiles on tourists' faces when they come to make poses for photography also simply makes us happy.

Wat Phra That Khao Noi" and a High Angle Scenery

The hair relics Buddha Status is standing in splendor and magnificence.

As if to protect the Nan people.

“Pua", a small district in Nan Province.

But the beauty and the elegance of these mountains are not small.

The fresh air is surrounded by mountains.

Looking at the golden fields make us feel at ease.

I have been to this mountain town once.

And I'm desperately feeling in love with it that I wish to often visit.

From Pua, I travel onto Doi Phukha route.

The scenery on this high land is surrounded by small and huge mountains.

Bald mountains in shifting with corn fields is indeed......

the identity of Nan city.

It might look uncomfortable and uneasy....

For its baldness, it could have been much nicer if it can be changed into green trees.

Nevertheless, it gives us unique and elegant feeling in a way.

And it becomes even more elegant when the wind is embracing the mountains.

Perhaps this is the charm that convinces people to take a slow walk to appreciating this land.

Including me, who is greatly enchanted by this charm and make a revisit again.

Landoo Dao (watching stars area) of Doi Phuka National park, this tent area is having a great atmosphere.

At this time as the beginning of February, Dok Phaya Sua Krong at Landoo Dao is falling off from their trees.

Only some are left for us to appreciate.

“Bo Kluea", is another district located in the valley when you travel a bit further from Doi Phuka.

The prosperity of this town may not be compatible to Pua.

A traditional way of life is what makes this city charming and so appealing.

But if one day, the prosperity comes,

The tourists are flocking in,

Then many questions will be asked,

Of whether the charm of Bo Kluea will be cherishable?

Bo Kluea today has strawberry fields, beautiful restaurants along the river as well as luxurious resorts as the modern time comes.

But overall, it can still largely preserve patterns and way of rural community's lives who depending greatly on the nature.

In the morning, the fog floating over the rice fields makes no less impression to that of fluffy sea fog.

If we were to compare this city to the flowers blossoming.

Bo Kluea today is in its first stage of blooming.

Whether it can beautifully blooming or withered before its time is totally dependent on the care it received.

Today, this city in the mountain is still beautiful.

And impressed the visitor like me.

If opportunity allows, I certainly come back for a visit.

From Bo Kluea, I turn left to Chaloem Phra Kiat District route.

“Khun Nan National Park" is located along the main road, it is approximately 6-7 kilometers away from Bo Kluea.

The sign directing to the National Park is seen along the way, it is very inviting for us to feel the place.

On the weekdays where few tourists are traveling, everything is tranquil among the great mountains.

The Morning View of Huai Mae Sataeng Watershed Management Unit, Thung Chang District

The golden light shining over the mountains reveals the beauty of the intricate mountains.

From the start in Nan city, and now we are out of town.

Everything and every route is filled with mountains.

I'm not sure if this city is housing the most mountains in Thailand.

But I'm certain that, everywhere I look is filled with spectacular beauty.

I drive back to Bo Kluea District in order to go to Santi Suk District.

“Phufa Palace" is the palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

It is located along the way, approximately 20 kilometers away from Bo Kluea. When H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn visited the citizens of Bo Kluea back then, she was pleased to establish Phufa Development Center to be a transferring center of science knowledge as well as the technology for the general public.

In the morning when the mist is covering almost all the mountains,

Every second of our journey, the story is filled with excitement and beauty.

Sometimes, the story along the way is inviting us to remember more than the destination itself.

The route from Bo Kluea to Santi Suk, a sky router that take us to traverse among the mountains.

The happiness along the way is there to be harvested as our story along the route.

At the beginning of February, the once greeny mountains is now transforming into golden ones.

The harvest of corn fields is now finished, only withered field is left behind.

This is a cycle of livelihood.

Rainfall in the new season will bring everything back to green again.

For the time being, waiting is the only option. We will be waiting for the time to start planting crops again.

I have to admit that this is another astonishingly beautiful route "Bo Kluea- Santi Suk".

The route of this steepness makes us feel like we are flying along the carpeted route into the heaven.

“Mae Charim National Park", a small national park that may not be famous like other tourist destinations of Nan Province.

It is located at Mae Charim and Wiang Sa District, it is approximately 50 kilometers away from downtown Nan city.

The highlight of Mae Charim National Park could be water rafting along the Wa River and nature trails.

This also includes to feel the way of lives of Ban Rom Klao tribal villagers.

I still remember my last summer story very well.

Another scenic route that is as beautiful as other routes, "Song Kwae -Tha Wang Pha ".

That morning, I was traveling out of Phu Langka and heading towards Nan via this route.

And that was my first time visiting this province.

“Tham Sa Koen National Park " is approximately 112 kilometers away from Nan city on the "Tha Wang Pa-Song Kwae" route.

This ordinary viewpoint, but during the winter, it becomes the paradise of a sea fog lover.

“Si Nan National Park", is another popular tourist destination.

It is situated along the way to Wiang Sa District and Na Noi District and it is approximately 70 kilometers.

“Doi Samer Dao", the Attraction of Si Nan National Park

The beauty of mountains and sea fog in the morning has constantly attracted tourists to keep visiting.

And it was here at Doi Samer Dao that I started to fall in love with Nan.

Only my first experience here, it makes me wonder....

and want to know whether other places in Nan is as beautiful as this place or not?

My four times journey that I experienced on this slow-motion Nan route.

Everything that comes into my life is an invaluable experience.

And I, never once, feel disappointed with it.

On the way back from Nan to the Central.

I use the route from Na Noi to Na Muan and into fishing village of Pak Nai.

In order to ferry my car crossing to the other side of Nam Pad District and go onto Uttaradit Province.

Ban Pak Nai Fisherman Village is surrounded by mountains.

In coupled with the peaceful water from Sirikit Dam, this land is just an ideal place for relaxing.

The main occupation of the villagers in this area is inevitably the fisherman.

Restaurants and rafting houses are also available.

Even though it looks a bit isolated, the staff is always here to take care of you as it is located inside the Si Nan National Park.

The peaceful water, perhaps, can be compared as the peaceful and simply lifestyle.

From the beginning until the end of my journey and now that I'm about to leave Nan.

Every stories is nothing but the most special memory to me.

The farewell has never truly existed, just by thinking it seems like we start our journey again.

...Thank you so much everyone for traveling with my journey recording, Sawaddee Krab.....

Another space of nature traveling journey in my style, Muang Mahakarn LIFE FOR TRAVEL


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