Hello everyone...Today Latte Pun Yen Yen is going to review a chic resort, which has it own unique style, "Villa Maroc Resort Pranburi". We visit this resort in mid-September. Actually, we are unlucky in this trip because it rains all the time but we can't stop ourselves from traveling.

By the way, let's begin our trip together...

The Villa Maroc Resort is very colourful. We can see that all areas in the resort have been decorated with traditional Moroccan style.

During September, the rain falls almost every day, even today it's also raining the whole day in Pranburi. That's why we don't have many outdoor pictures...So sad.

This is our dream resort, where we have to visit at least once in our lifetime but why the rain comes across in this trip!!!!

We find this corner at the first place. The Moroccan style is eye-catching, colourful and beautiful.

There are some small decoration items, which makes me happy when I look around the resort.

A chic corner at the lobby.

During waiting for check-in, we spend time a lot for waiting because we arrived early. Around 1 PM.

And because of the drizzling rain, we didn't stop anywhere. Just drove straight to the hotel.

Our welcome drink is a glass of Mojito, which tastes a little bit sour. It makes me a little bit tipsy even before getting into our room. ^^

There are some spa amenities placing on a table. They have lemongrass aroma, if I am not wrong :-)

We are still waiting and waiting for the check-in. Suddenly, there is a staff coming to escort us to the restaurant for having afternoon tea.

Then, Khun Poom (the name of one staff) escorts us along a beautiful Moroccan fence in order to go to the restaurant.

Now we arrive at the Casablanca Restaurant. A bright pink building contrast with green grass lawn...This is so perfect.

We choose a table next to a window where we can see a green grass lawn and a view of Pranburi Sea. We are so happy at this moment.

I really like how the hotel pays attention to every detail even a glass of water. It is flawlessly beautiful.

These red chairs contrast with the yellow wall of the restaurant.

A jug of hot tea is going to be served. It's a mint tea with mild aroma. I don't remember the name of this small ball of dessert. I just realise that there is a piece of date palm inside.

The second dish also tastes good. All of these dishes are complimentary from the resort.

Our room is ready now. There is a staff coming to tell us at the restaurant. Today, our room is "Pool Court".

The resort has 3 buildings of the Pool Court. Each building has 2 floors with 1 room on each floor. Each room has different style of interior design.

However, any guests who stay in the same building have to share a pool together, which is on the rooftop of the building.

The room that we booked is "Zinjabeel" on the second floor, which Zinjabeel means "Ginger". The names of other rooms are also named with other spices.

Actually, we requested the "Grunful" room because we really liked a white and blue theme but it has already been booked by another guest....So pity.

Our room is painted with light yellow colour, contrasts with a white bed and a red bed liner.

It's such a great match.^^

There are 8 pillows on the bed. The pillows are stuffed with soft feather. The bed is also soft and comfortable....Heaven on earth.

There is a window at the headboard, which can be opened or closed. Behind the window is a Jacuzzi tub.

There are some Moroccan songs in an iPod Touch, which has been given by front desk staffs during check-in.

There is a small iPod dock but it can provide such a great sound.

There is a keycard made from wood. I really like it because it's separate from the room key. So we don't have to remove the keycard when we want to go out from the room. ^^

There are complimentary sets of tea and coffee, as well as 10 bottles of different drinks inside a refrigerator.

But these 2 wine bottles that you see, we have brought from home...LOL.

There are 2 Moroccan-style orange robes hanging inside the wardrobe. It's so perfect!

There are some colorful slippers, which you can wear in your room. Moreover, there are also some slippers for outdoor, which you can take them home after check-out.

We do apologize for not taking some photos of the slippers for outdoor used.

Let's explore the rooftop. This part we have to share with another guest who is staying on the first floor.

There is a big bathtub where we can soak ourselves and enjoy the sea view during the daytime or watching stars in the nighttime....It is such a great atmosphere.

Ahhh!! We forgot to have a look at the bathroom there....

By the way, let's return to our room again. Later we will take you to walk around the resort.

The bathroom in our room has 2 washbasins for each person to use.

These washbasins are also beautiful and unique. From the information that I read from the Internet, all materials used in the resort have been imported from abroad.

All bathroom amenities have been placed in a small treasure chest....Looks so cute.

Liquid soap, shampoo, and body lotion have lemongrass aroma, which is a signature aroma of the hotel's spa.

We can open the window next to the Jacuzzi tub and we will encounter the bed.

There are both normal shower and rain shower with open-air atmosphere.

There is no door at the bathroom. Only a curtain has been provided.

It's coming to the evening and the rain already stopped. So, let's walk around the hotel.

There is an infinity pool next to the beach.

This makes me really want to jump into the pool right now.

We swim in a pool for hours. After swimming, we walk along the beach for finding a good restaurant for dinner.

A restaurant that we choose for today is Krua Ton To Restaurant, which is a restaurant inside Ton To Resort next to Villa Maroc Resort.

The food is delicious. The prices are not really expensive and it has such a great atmosphere with the mild sea breeze.

The first dish that we order by not looking at the menu is "Fried Dried Squid of Pranburi", which is one of Pranburi's famous dishes...We really enjoy chewing the squid with sticky texture, accompanied with sweet sauce.

The second dish is "Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon Sauce". It comes with a lot of chopped garlic on top, which I personally like it. If somebody doesn't like it, I don't know how they can take out all of these small pieces of garlic. This dish is so yummy.

And the highlight of this meal is "Steamed Mud Crabs", which is the crab meat that tastes really sweet and fresh. Overall, the food is quite delicious and not really expensive, also the atmosphere is wonderful.

After dinner, we return to our room right away,the fill the Jacuzzi tub with warm water, soak in the tub with a lot of soap bubble and open the window to see the TV out there. Get a TV remote from the treasure chest and turn on the TV to watch the final match of women volleyball between Thai and Japan.

We are ready, the wine is also ready...Let's rock and roll.

Finally, we have a celebration of the volleyball championship of Thai women team....Cheers!!!

After taking a bath with outdoor atmosphere, it is the time to have a sip of cool drinks at the Shisha Bar. ^^

We return to the Casablanca Restaurant again because we want to visit the Shisha Bar on the second floor. We have to take off our shoes before walking on a colorful stair.

The Shisha Bar is a small bar, which is decorated with Moroccan style.

Here, there are both inside and outside tables that we can choose. Actually, we want to choose a table outside the bar for listening to sea waves, but unfortunately there are all occupied and Shisha Bar has only 3 tables outside.

The tables inside the bar are sofa beds or coffee tables with cushions that give us more comfort and traditional Moroccan atmosphere.

We choose this corner because the sofa is facing to the sea. However, we can't even see anything outside because it is dark already.

Ending our night at the Shisha Bar for releasing ourselves from stress.

Good morning Pranburi...It is still raining early in the morning....Hmmmm.

After getting up early in the morning, let's do exercise at the fitness centre.

The building is painted with dark blue colour.

Let's explore inside the building.

There is a library next to the fitness centre and the restaurant but I don't know why a reading table becomes a dining table. I guess that today is Saturday and the hotel would be fully booked. There will not be enough tables for supporting all hotel guests.

After morning rain, the sky looks better.

It's a breakfast time at the same place, the Casablanca Restaurant.

There are few kinds of sugar on a table for adding to your cup of tea or coffee. The presentation and the container look pretty though.

Today, there is a small buffet line, which has rice porridge, bread, cold cuts, cereals, and some selections of fruits.

For tea, coffee, and fruit juices, we can order with the staffs directly at our table.

There is the egg station in front of the restaurant where you can order the staffs to cook various kinds of egg dishes for you. This time I order Scrambled Egg and my friend order Omelette.

Finally, our trip to Villa Maroc Pranburi in a rainy day has ended.

Things to be proud:

- The staffs are friendly, polite and helpful. While we were taking pictures of ourselves, there was one staff comes to take pictures for us. We were really impressed on her service mind. Also, she took very good pictures. ^^

- The resort has a great atmosphere, accompanied with guest's privacy. Even though the resort is not very large and has a limited area, the resort is not so crowded since we walk around the resort and we don't see many guests. I think the guests are having a real relaxation in their room, that's why the resort is not chaotic.

- The resort has its own beach, whereas most of the resorts in Pranburi have a small road between the resort and the beach. Guests need to cross the road in order to reach the beach. In Villa Maroc, we only walk from our room and we can reach the beach in just few steps.

- The decoration in the resort and the room is very impressive. Everything is decorated with Moroccan style like we enter to another city, which is absolutely not in Thailand.

- There are free full-minibar and snacks in the room. Additionally, there are too many pieces and we can't even take all of them home...LOL.

Things to improve:

- It was raining while we left the lobby for going to our room and the staffs did not give us any umbrella. Although it is just drizzle, it will be able to cause our sickness. Moreover, the most important thing that we were worried was that our camera had been hit by rain droplets.

- We didn't know that we could take slippers from our room because the staffs didn't inform us. Finally, we asked some staffs and they said we could take them home.

- The bathroom is open-air style, which we think it's not safe because we stay on the second floor and it can be seen from the rooftop. If there are somebody on the rooftop while I am taking a shower, they can see everything clearly.

- The variety of food and the quantity of food on the buffet line was really less than we thought. We didn't see tea, coffee, and fruit juices on the buffet line and we thought that the restaurant didn't provide for guests. After we had our breakfast for a while, we asked one of the restaurant staff and she said that we can order staffs at the table.

I think the restaurant staffs should ask the guests at the beginning whether they want some tea or coffee because they will think that the restaurant doesn't have this on the buffet line.

- The staffs didn't tell us during check-in about taking our photo for making a postcard. We eventually asked for this and the staffs just realized what they forgot.

- We were so curious about the "Melt Me" chocolate as we didn't receive it like any other rooms. Finally, during check-out, we asked the staffs about a postcard with our photo because we didn't receive it. The staffs told us that housekeeping staffs should have placed the "Melt Me" chocolate and the postcard on our bed during turn down service.

We just realized that we missed this opportunity during watching the volleyball match because we placed a "Do not disturb" sign at the door. So, the housekeeping staffs couldn't do a turn down service at this time...We were quite sad.....By the way, we told the staffs to print 2 postcards for us but we could get only 1 card...However, few days later, we received an email with a picture of our postcard below.^^

In summary, the overall impression is 8.5 out of 10. Although there are some little things that we didn't like, it didn't make us feel bad about these. Besides, we were really impressed with many things here.

We didn't get a chocolate. We didn't stay at the Grunful and it was raining all the time...Therefore....In 2 weeks, we are coming here again for completing our trip.

See you again in the next review of Villa Maroc Episode 2 in another 2 weeks. I hope you all won't be bored because after checking out from Villa Maroc, we are going to visit X2 Kui Buri.

See you in 2 day for a review of X2 Kui Buri with rainfalls.


 Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:05 PM