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May I write another review. Last time I brought you guys to forest.

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Only some shades are airy enough "Green in the City".


This trip I will bring you to bathe. During hot weather in April, the sea is my destination.

It is a golden opportunity when my aunt invites me to go yachting!!!

It's like a dream comes true as it looks elegant in movie, haha.

Let me describe short history about this yacht. If you are not interested, you can scroll down to see images. However, the highlight is here.

Since everyone in this trip are acquaintances, the route can be changed at our preference.

This yacht is called Solar Blue. It is Bavaria49 built in 2003 with 15.4-meter-length and 5 bedrooms.

The owner is an Australian guy named John.

He likes yachting for years and owns one boat for 15 years.

Then he falls in love with Thai woman, named Khun Yai, via Facebook.

John decides to buy new yacht which is secondhand one from Greece.

He offers if she wanna stay together, she's got to yacht around the world together. Khun Yai then books a flight to Greece.

They travel from Greece to Australia and Australia to Thailand.

There are diverse problems along the way but they could make it through.

The trip takes almost 2 years.

Real life is like a tale.

If you would like to know the life of yachting, please click on the links.

Auntie Yachting






The lease price of this yacht is;

For 1 Day : From morning until landing with meals served on the boat. Lease price is THB15,000.

For 2 Days 1 Night : Staying over night on yacht plus meals costs THB25,000.

Maximum passengers are 10 for each trip. So, it is not expensive per person.


It can be anywhere no matter Ao Thai or Andaman. It is agreeable.

Just tell your desirable route to the owner.

He has been everywhere.

Contact via FB: Solar Blue

Come back to our trip.

I go on 9-10 April 2016.

I get on the yacht at Krabi River Marina.


- Olympus OMD EM10 Mark2

- Gopro Hero4

How is 2 days 1 night trip on Solar Blue? Let's find out. There are plenty of photos but I just want you to see the yacht and every angle of the attractions, in case you are interested. I want to share nice experiences.

I hereafter apologize if there are any ruffles, not nice photos or typos. I will fix if I find any mistakes.

Arrive at the pier. Weather is extremely hot but I'll go on.

The yacht is moored at Krabi River Marina which the fee is very expensive. One who owns a boat will need to be responsible of annual and monthly fee.

Walk straight to our boat, Solar Blue. Yippy!

Looking upward is foremast. Sunlight shines into my eyes.

Khun Yai brings everyone on the boat which we have to take off our shoes.

Once step on, I find foreigner at stern. Not someone else, he's the owner of this yacht preparing to sail. The circle thing is a helm.

High security.

While the boat doesn't ease off, I take photos before getting seasick. Let's survey inside. Those are my feet. Inside is decorated with wooden design giving warm feelings.

Inside looks like this. We've got so many stuffs. On the right side is area for cooking and food. Opposite side is living area and straight at the end is bedroom. Actually there are 2 bedrooms.

Start with the right side first. It is mini kitchen where you can cook everything; grill, steam, boil or fry.

Seasonings are provided.

Moving further to the right is electric system of the yacht. There is digital music player that the owner plays relaxing English songs. Sorry for unclear image.

On the left is living area where you can freely sit or lay down.

There are plenty of books which belong to Khun John and Khun Yai.

Feel like sunlight shine through. Topside is porthole that you can open to get fresh air.

At the end is bedroom with sweet pink bed-sheet. The bed is big enough for two.

Storage can be found everywhere on the boat. There is tiny USB fan and Pooh doll which has been on the boat for very long time.

Look upward. That's Khun Yai, the Thai owner.

Next room stores lots of life jackets enough for everyone.

At first I was wondering where toilet is, so I walk back to common area. What are they taking? ... Miss the point! You can see through both left and right side are bedrooms. Prior to bedrooms, there are 2 doors on both sides which are toilets.

Let's see another bedroom looking alike the first one.

Toilet is convenient.

Every space can stores your belongings.

Decoration is superb. Perfectly match.

Captain's hat.

Walk from stern and ... Oh, appear outside. Don't know if I get seasick or not. But can't return now, haha.

There is space to sit outside where you ca enjoy 360-degree-view.

My mom is listening to lecture about this boat from captain.

iPad shows captain's routing.

Look to the back. What is following us? It's a small boat for mooring at islands.

Stern has space for washing after swimming which there are stairs for climbing down into the sea.

Look up to the mast. Thai flag is waving.

After a while, we are about to snorkel watching coral reefs and fish. We move to small fishing boat which sends us to the island.

At first island, current is quite strong.

Follow buddy.

After getting tired, we get on boat and move to next destination. It is Koh Gai (means chicken island) where holds rock looking chicken.

Watching fish underwater.

A fish hits with my camera.

Swimming close to the coast may hit with the rocks. Please be very careful. If the sea is rough, don't go close to coastline. Even in slight current, I bump till my bottom gets bruise. So, I stand on the rock.

Look how many rocks there are.

One of Koh Gai conquerors, my mom. Write the word "Chicken" and lay down. LOL

Continue photographing. Don't wanna leave as it's hurt. Mom, that's my fin.

After struggling for getting on boat, we plan to go to Thale Waek (separated sea). Once get off the boat, we find out that the sea has closed. In photo is all I can get.

Fine, I take photo with sand.

My uncle sees fishing rods on the boat. He suddenly wants to fish.

Can you see his achievement? Moderate size.

The sun is reaching to the sea.

Before moving to big boat, our captain work very hard.

Tonight we stay beside island.

Gorgeous light.

I take couple shots at this romantic moment. Very sweet.

Captain John and Khun Yai.

Personal time, personal space.

Clam sea.

Watching view, chatting and having dinner. You already saw our dinner, that fish! It is deep fried and served together with other dishes. Easy meal. Up to the owner what they want to cook.

Tonight I sleep on gunwale. Rolling one time can fall into the sea. Anyway, the wind is nice. I fall asleep easily.

Morning activity is surveying around island.

There is a seat at chief. You can copy the moment in Titanic, haha.

The boat returns back.

Take a distant snap.

Sweet couple.

I wanna get on island too.

John's posture.

Members in this trip.

Thank you for reading till this point.

Sorry for missing photos of some parts.

Please feel free to inquire further information.

If you would like to contact Khun Yai, please contact via;

FB: Solar Blue

Please follow me at;

Page: chorcher

FB: chorcherrin


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