Sunset on the other hand doesn't mean farewell. It is rather saying goodbye to take a break. To peacefully and happily stay with oneself in each day.

In this review I will bring you to see different scenes of the sun in Thailand, except the north part. Because I haven't been there, haha. I personally like traveling. If I have enough time, I gotta watch the sun in every journey, no matter sunrise or sunset. I'm a lonely person who likes telling stories to the sun.

Start with sunset at Koh Tao, Chumphon. The brightness is leaving in a lonesome and desolate way. If you have a chance to come to Koh Tao , don't forget to watch beauty of the sun here. I gotta say it shines brightly and charmingly.

If you look closely when it disappear, it always gives you a sign. In other words, the sun is telling its story. I like to interpret into four stories as follows.

1st Image: Sunlight combining with blue sky is happiness of the journey in the day.

2nd Image: The light is covering the sky. The sea is full of reddish orange color representing its exhaustion.

3rd Image: Coral that contains softness of the tone is a massage of loneliness. Like me, talking to the sun.

4th Image: The soft ray reflecting on water surface means its farewell. But saying goodbye to start all over again. (This is only personal view.)

If we watch it through happiness imagination, everywhere we go is always beautiful.

2nd Location: Trang

After traveling within a group of islands, I then sit at Pak Meng seaside waiting for the sun. I have to say it is quits with Koh Tao. I mean lonesome, kidding. It's beautiful. Still attractive as always. Four different moments of the sky are similarly saying goodbye. (Or I am the one who think like this, haha.)

Keep staring. I think the ambiance make us feel more lonely.

3rd Location: Ratcha Prapha Dam, Surat Thani

This place is also beautiful, like everywhere else. To watch sunset, we need to sail from raft and go out quite early. Because the sun goes down quickly. We are not disappointed for its charm, impressively gorgeous.

4th Location: Phu Kradueng.

Change to northeast part. The beauty of the sun on Phu Kradueng that trades with our tiredness. After seeing, I have to say it's charming in different style.

5th Location: Ang-nam Phan, Udonthani

It is newly open similar to Huay Krating. The sun here is also exquisite. Convenient and comfortable. You can swim while watching sunset.

There is always up and down. Let's watch sunrise to see clearly different colors. While sunset, the light shine brightly and aggressively. On the other hand, sunrise is like piano.

1st Location: Phae Nang Phrai, Ratcha Prapha Dam

Ratcha Prapha Dam or Chiao Lan Dam is a full-option attraction where you can watch both sunrise and sunset. If you would like to try, I recommend Phae Nang Phrai Rafthouse. It is close to sunset spot and you can also see sunrise right at your door.

2nd Location: Phu Kradueng

This site is also fully equipped with sunrise and sunset. It is a place where beauty trades with tiredness. Before appreciating the charm, you gotta walk and walk. To ask if it's worthwhile or not. It is super worthy, haha.

3rd Location: Phu Pha Dak, Nong Khai

Many may haven't heard of Phu Pha Dak. It is a mountain near Phu Huay Isan. It is an attraction full of nature since we are not allowed to stay overnight on the hill. All tourists have to stay somewhere else and hire a local guide to bring them up the heap. This mountain you gotta walk too but distance is less than Phu Kradueng. When you reach to the top, you will feel worthwhile. Because the sun express its charm worthy to you effort.

And this is all about my sun journey in each place. I recommend everyone to visit. Apart from traveling if you focus on something, that place will become more meaningful than just an attraction. Like me interested in the sun. I have various photos with the sun in different style. Thank you.


 Monday, January 30, 2017 2:14 PM