If I ask you to name a hotel now!! Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock ... If believe everyone can answer this question since all of you should have your favorite hotel in mind. So, why can't you remember, right?

Is it something like good service, nice hotel, tasty food or good location? Actually it's not. All hotels have these 4 points but a missing jigsaw is "extraordinary experience". It is a uniqueness and concept that hotel has brought to us in order to differentiate, making it unforgettable.

Today will bring you guys to know one chic resort in Phuket which offers "amusement". To be as different experience as resort's name "Nook Dee Boutique Resort". It is a pride to have Thai hotel designed by Thais, managed by Thais but receives international reward like World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016.

"Because the journey makes our old world wider" This sentence is an inspiration for my girlfriend and me to go out and learn big world together. Two of us create small fanpage named "ibreak2travel" and a blog www.ibreak2travel.com.

At this point we would like to say ... Go back to several years ago when we firstly met. " I was a traveler who had fulltime job. My girlfriend was a full-time employee who wanted to travel sometimes." We were so different. But when we get together and find even point, we want to do fanpage introducing office workers to travel like us. Everyone can do like us.

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Welcome to Nook Dee. This resort is so much fun.

This elephant doll is a hero of resort.

Nook Dee Boutique Resort

The resort is well located on mount near Kata Beach. With its location, we can clearly see sunset at Kata Bay. The owner realizes this strength, so it is designed to have viewpoints of Kata Beach at various spots. Includes lobby, bedroom, swimming pool and rooftop with space to sit and appreciate view.

Nice view seeing Kata Beach

View from restaurant

However, nice view is not enough. Nook Dee is a boutique resort designed based on modern Thai by still remaining charm of Thai. This includes combination of wood, raw concrete, Thai textile and Batik fabric in decoration. Adds more details with "Temple Fair" concept in order to give more and distinctive style. There is also pub selling Thai herbal liquor too, haha. Let's see review of each part together.

Welcome drink is Longan Juice with refreshing towel.


Nook Dee has variety of rooms but we are reviewing Deluxe Jacuzzi Seaview and luxurious Honeymoon Villa. I will start with the first room.

- Deluxe Jacuzzi Seaview

The room is exactly like its name. It is a Deluxe room with seaview and Jacuzzi but special thing is ... Jacuzzi isn't in bathroom!!! It is rather at balcony. Ohhh..hh, so sexy!!! And certainly my girlfriend has tried already, haha.

Jacuzzi is put at balcony outside, right by the door.

Resort provides bath salt and foam bath.

Not indecent.

Jacuzzi has full system.

Once open the door, you will see Jacuzzi at passageway which is a well covered area and yet give beautiful view of Kata Beach. ( I take photo of Jacuzzi in the morning in order to see the bay clearer.)

In bedroom, you will see large bed, LED TV, sofa and other facilities fully. Embellishment is very eye-catching. I can see how much freedom the owner given to interior designers. I know that each bedroom is similar but decorations are totally different.

Ornaments are very much fancy and striking.

Bedhead perfectly combines Thai textile switching with Batik. It is also ideally match with nightlight and bedspread.

Look closely.

Instead of putting flowers, they rather use plaided bamboo fish. Hmm ... so creative.

Another bang of designers is ... this chic cone-shaped cover and banana, well known Thai fruit.

Bathroom is designed in black tone contrast with red bathrobe. The floor is covered with Sino-Portuguese tile corresponding with popular architecture in Phuket. Another sexy part is ... bedroom can look through bathroom. But don't worry. There is curtain.

All amenities are provided including hair dryer, shower cap, shaven, toothbrush, etc. Everything is high-quality stuffs.

Bathroom contains enchanting and sexy feelings.

One more unique part is that they provide Capsule Coffee Maker.What we have to do after waking up is making coffee, sipping and watching view at terrace. It's a real pleasure.

View from bedroom is as you can see.

1 night with Deluxe Jacuzzi Seaview, I give following scores

  • Decoration and layout : 5/5
  • Cleanness : 5/5
  • Facilities : 5/5
  • View : 4.5/5 Can see the sea but not clearly.
  • Sleep quality : 5/5 The bed makes me dope off.

Total score 4.9/5

From Jacuzzi room, let's see villa type. I didn't stay at Honeymoon Villa since we have limited time. Anyway, the resort allows us to take photos ans write review as per below.

Honeymoon Villa

Villa is separated from other rooms. It is a single-storied with deck for watching Kata Beach. Outside villa is artificial grass with Jacuzzi.

Front area is equipped with garden chair and Jacuzzi.

Villa's rooftop is balcony for watching view.

View from rooftop is splendid.

Outdoor Jacuzzi is at balcony where allows you to see clear view. Only drawback is lack of privacy. If you are using Jacuzzi, I recommend to wear swimming-suit. Because others can see you.

Jacuzzi with nice view

Amenities are provided.

You can see it right from the door.

Let's see inside. It is 1 (large) bedroom villa with 1 living-room and 2 bathrooms. It really has 2 bathrooms since this villa can bear up to 4 people (2 extra beds). So, 2 bathrooms are good enough.

Decorations still remain in Thai. Highlight is the dated turbid glass. I like their interior style a lot. Get feeling of Thai in old days but still perfectly mix with modern style. Good point is it help resort from looking outdated over time.

Once entering, first thing you will see is dining-room with dining table.

Living room has nice ambiance and generous space.

Bedroom is decorated similar to Deluxe room but has more space.

Highlight is bathroom. Super duper large. It has bathtub and walk-in closet.

Score is as follows;

  • Decoration and layout : 5/5
  • Cleanness : 5/5
  • Facilities : 5/5
  • View : 5/5
  • Sleep quality : 5/5 very comfy bed
  • Privacy : 4/5 Everyone can see this villa.

Total scores 4.8/5

Food and Dining Room

Dining room at Nook Dee is stylishly named Roy Dee meaning "delicious" in Thai southern language. The embellishment is full of fun combining wood, color mirror and Thai textile which very much help activating the ambiance.

Atmosphere in the evening

For dinner at "Roy Dee", we order several menus to try (and photograph) which we find them stunningly decorated. Both of us almost say "wow" with every dish they serve. I didn't brag. Let's see the food.

Pumpkin Soup with Crab Meat. This one is superbbbb...bbbbb.

Smoked Salmon with Beetroot Sauce and Egg Salad topped with Salmon Roe. Excellent.

Beef Massamun Curry is very intense served in brass pan. Recommend to eat with steamed rice.

This is Pad Thai Chaiya. I haven't eaten such delicious Pad Thai for very long time. Seriously.

Goreng Fried Rice is a menu you can find only in the south of Thailand (and nearby countries). It comes with tasty grilled pork, crisp rice and chilli paste. This menu is very delicious.

Tiramisu, tasty.

Mango with Sticky Rice which comes in 3 colors. Coconut milk is scented, creamy, yummy and fat. LOL.

This menu is a must. Phuket's dessert "Ao Aew".

After trying every dish, I'm impressed with the creativity presented through taste and decoration. Well it's not only looking pretty but the taste is also good too. I give 5/5 for decoration. For the taste I will skip for you to try by yourselves. You definitely won't be disappointed!!

Breakfast at "Roy Dee"

Some said breakfast at "Nook Dee" is fully provided. And it is true as they said. Breakfast makes me say "wow" again. It is international buffet with boiled rice, noodle, western food, Thai food, sweet and fruit.

This corner serves waffle, pancake, fried egg, ham and bacon.

Order your favorite menu. This lady also smiles. Super yummy!!

Our table is full of food. We are very full.

What do you want to eat? Please take it.

If you like noodles, come this way.

Fruits at the end of meal.

Variety of quality and tasty breads.

I like the idea of this box.

Would you like to have some cheese?

Waffle is nice.

Now I'm super full from breakfast. Let me review as follows;

  • Variety of food : 5/5
  • Ingredient : 5/5
  • Taste : 5/5
  • Cleanness : 5/5
  • Service : 5/5

Total score : 5/5 Breakfast here is now our favorite one already.

Resort Ambiance

From the food, move to see atmosphere in the resort. They have seminar room, meeting room, fitness center and spa. Just everything good resort should have.

Front area

One highlight that I enjoy is Edgeless Swimming Pool, a long pool with superb view. The edge is clear mirror allowing you to see panorama view of Kata beach.

Stunning swimming pool with pool bar beside.

Taking selfie with friends is also nice. There is massage corner by the pool, shortly called "Sook Dee".

If you like massage, come this way.

Ambiance around the pool.

Pathway to bedroom.

Elephant doll, signature of resort.

Hospitality and Service

Resorts at this level mostly have same quality services. What difference is the sincerity in the eyes. It is quite strange that all staffs know tiny details about resort. Both day shift and night shift.

Each staff tells story of "Nook Dee" with fun in their eyes. Therefore, apart from service they should have, honest smile becomes charm attracting guests.

Receptionists with sweet smile in the eyes.

Another convenience resort has provided is tour in Phuket and nearby provinces. We can buy tour package at counter in lobby.

Lovely tour counter plus nice service.

1 Day and 1 Night at Nook Dee Boutique Resort

I find out that to memorize a hotel in our mind apart from good service, luxurious hotel, tasty food and location, the hotel should show special experience. So that guests can remember uniqueness of the hotel in their mind.

If you are going to Phuket, don't forget to meet unique experience like us ^_^ This resort is now of our favored one for both of us.

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