Hello my fans...

Welcoming you all on a long journey to Pakistan

In the past three years, we have visited Pakistan five times which made us see all three seasons of the country. Which are....

- Blossom (Mar-Apr)

- Summer (Greenery) (Jun-Jul)

- Autumn (Oct.-Nov)

So this review is to show and compare the three season at one place because some places is suitable for seasonal visiting....

Let's get started.....


Fairy Meadows

The most famous place that everyone want to visit and it is great to visit in all seasons.

Fairy Meadows (Jul)

Fairy Meadows (Oct)

Unfortunately, we did not have a photo of Blossom season as it was raining both time that we went and it probably covered by snow.


The other corner of Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows (Jul.)

Fairy Meadows (Oct)

Attabad Lake

The most beautiful lake where you can visit whenever.....

Attabad Lake (Apr)

Attabad Lake (Jul)

Attabad Lake (Oct)

Hopper Glacier

This is another place that you can visit in all season. It might be very tired to walk up here but you will forget all that pain when you arrive. ^^

Hopper (Apr)

Hopper (Jul)

Hopper (Oct)

Phander Valley - Ghizer

In our opinion, we think that it is best to visit during Summer and Autumn.

This place is not on the tourist attraction places list as it is quite difficult to get here. Only people who really like this kind of adventure would come. But if you get lost and come here, it is going to be another story...hahahaha!!!!

Phander Valley (Apr.)

Phander Valley (๋Jul.)

Phander Valley (Oct.)

Hunza Valley

It is a famous valley that is also the center of tourism.

This corner is amaze in all seasons....

Hunza (Apr)

Apricot flowers are blooming all over the place

Hunza (Jul)

Breathing in the fresh air

Hunza (Nov)

The color is changing


Hunza (Blossom)

Hunza (Autumn)


It does look like Cathedral but it is so elegant and you can visit in all seasons.

Passu (Blossom)

Passu (Summer)

Passu (Autumn)

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ฺBlossom 2 ...On process...

We will continue updating all reviews so you can compare which season you want to go.

See you soon^^

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 Sunday, May 14, 2017 10:32 AM