Hello lovely Readme fans and friends, Latte Pun Yen is a guide today to take you to taste Superb Seafood Buffet dinner where you can find huge crab claws, very fresh oysters and really sharp seafood sauce.

Last Saturday was the Halloween Day and I had a chance to savour the seafood at Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok

It is located in Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 24 Alley or if you are coming from Sathu Pradit Road you can get to this place by Sathu Pradit 19 Alley. It can be accessible by both ways.

The buffet is served at Albricias restaurant on the 4th floor from 06:00PM to 10:00PM every Saturday evening.

You can find price and telephone number from the pictures displayed below.

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I really hope you don't mind because today Latte Pun Yen uses mobile phone to take photos which some of them may be a little blurry.

Only 4 or 5 pictures were taken by the DSLR camera.

The decor of Albricias restaurant is very beautiful. Inside is very luxurious, giving a welcoming touch and inviting you to sit.

No reason to wait; let's have a look the buffet line first. Every Saturday evening is seafood buffet and it varies each day.

Sometime is Japanese and sometime is Scandinavian food.

Alaskan crab claws look so yummy, squid, prawn, shellfish, fish and everything from the sea.

Fresh crayfishes are big and their meat are so sweet.

Also, the scallops are big, soft and fresh.

The chef cooks them for us freshly here.

I am very satisfied with oysters. I love to eat all kinds of shellfish and these oysters make me so excited, my foot and hands were shaking not being able to shoot properly.

Let's have a small break to eat first as I'm so hungry.

Today, I order smoothies, which are not included in the buffet price.

The first one is a strawberry smoothie and the second one is a coconut smoothie. I highly recommend especially the topping cream is so scented and soft.

This is my plate. Do you see something? A giant crab claw, Wow!!!

There are several kinds of sauces to choose. The seafood sauce is great, I strongly confirm that it is a real Thai taste and Thais will just like it.

The crab claw meat is super sweet, but very limited if you want to have it you'd better come early.

Do you see how big it is? You can compare with my big face to see how big this crab claw is.

Let's have a look my favourite oysters. This is just a sample, because I actually had a lot more. lol

Big crayfishes and lightly grilled scallops taste so sweet, soft and chewy. Huh huh!

Let's continue with the food buffet line, I'm almost full with the seafood. Lol.

And I find another interesting corner eieiei...another great stuff, salmon!!!

Not to slow down, let's walk around before getting full.

There is also a Caesar salad.

After the meal, dessert is needed. Let's go straight to dessert corner, a favourite corner of many girls.

It's so lovely. There are bakeries, cakes, and Thai desserts, that foreigner can give a try.

I recommend Daifuku, it's so soft and it melts in the mouth. Indescribable!!!

It's a pity that I can only take one piece because my stomach is filled with lots of oysters and salmon.

Fresh fruit tart and chocolate truffle

Jellies and layer sweet cake (Kanom Chan). Chewy and delicious.

Ice cream zone with many flavours. Kids will surely like. There is jelly in different beautiful colours to sprinkle as topping.

To end it beautifully with fresh fruits.

You have seen all of the buffet line. Now, when it comes to the end, let the pictures tell what I have eaten. I really have to say if you are a fan of seafood, it's really worth the money. It's fresh and delicious.

And again, here below is Latte Pun Yen Yen's page...Sawasdee Kha!



 Thursday, November 12, 2015 8:17 PM